Tuesday 8 November 2011

FIUV 2011 - Mass in Gesu e Maria

While most of the delegates attended Mass in the Church of Ssma. Trinita dei Pellegrini, some of the delegates attended the Latin Mass in the Church of Gesu e Maria on the Via del Corso near the Piazza del Populo, which is celebrated every Sunday at 10 a.m. under the auspices of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, a Traditional Institute that have just acquired their first Church in the UK.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. Great photographs.

Phographic Mementos said...

It's a fantastic place for the Sacrifice of Calvary to be performed. I really love the carvings of the men looking as if they are at the theatre. Do we know who they are meant to be?

Plunkett said...

I've never seen this basilica before but it looks really spectacular. What is the ceiling like? It would be nice to see the outside of the Church too.

Zara Folch said...

The mixture of dark streaked marble and the white sculpted figures is really effective. I would also be interested to see the exterior so that I can try to find it the next time I'm in Rome. The V. del Corso is near the Pzza. d'Espagna I think, which is the area I know best. I would love to take a look in person.

Recorder said...

The exterior is very non-descript. It is very much a 'terraced' church but in a most un-baroque fashion, without a very theatrical facade. The Augustinians also run S. Giacomo across the Corso, which is also uninteresting from the outside.

This Church (not a Basilica) is a few hundred yards from the Piazza del Popolo, so about half way between the Piazza and the Via Condotti, on the Spanish Steps side of the road.

God bless you!

Jim'll Fix It! said...

I've been getting the calendars of the Institute for over 10 years now and they are doing a lot of good.

Anonymous said...

I went to St Coca's Church in Kilcock on Saturday 26th November 2011 for the traditional Latin Mass, which was publicised in the Open Door magazine/newsletter, for 12noon. I got there at 11.25am only to discoverer the Mass had started at At 11am. i was dissappointed and perhaps a little annoyed. I am of an era that studied at school and I do love a latin Mass. I will attend again but please stick to any pubicised time, because who attend are not all necessarily members of of the association.

Good luck and God bless,

Convenor said...

Anonymous, unfortunately, you didn't leave any contact information, so I can't answer you directly. You're correct. We should stick to the advertised time. However, during the preceding week the Parish told us that we were mistaken and that the Mass was scheduled for 11 am, not 12 noon. We are very sorry for your disappointment and for the natural annoyance felt by all those who arrived not realising the change of time.

We did our best to contact those we had contacted directly and to get local and national radio to inform people of the difference in start time - obviously not everyone intending to go is listening at that very moment.

Dissappointed and perhaps a little annoyed doesn't cover how we felt to see so many people making efforts to attend only to find out that the Mass had been celebrated. We love the Latin Mass and that doesn't help the cause of the Latin Mass so the organisers were extremely upset at what happened.

However, I hope the mess didn't put you off and that you can attend again next year - we are only permitted to organise a Mass there, and in several other places, only once a year. If you would like to get involved, please contact our membership secretary at membership@catholic.org.

God bless you - and thank you for your comment!

Plunkett said...

Shame to hear about the trouble in Kilcock. Nobody who wants the Latin Mass wants those kinds of problems.