Monday 17 March 2014

Exultent filii matris ecclesie - A medieval hymn for the Feast of Saint Patrick

Let the sons of mother church rejoice and let us,
their fellows sing a hymn today.
The glorious feast day of Patrick, a day of light and joy, has come.

While the world held him in the chains of the flesh
he abounded with many miracles.
He was a source of healing for the Irish people
through the nourishment of his holy teaching.

He spread abroad the seeds of the faith
He banished serpents from Ireland.
He gave the lame to walk, the blind to see, and to him the people sing.

The power of a new miracle is revealed.
The goat is recognised in the belly of the thief 
through the sound of its bleating.
People marvel at the virtue of the servant of God.

Honour and devotion to the unbegotten Father,
praise to only begotten Son of God;
equal praise to the Spirit Paraclete
for ages unending.


Note: This post was first published at my own blog Trias Thaumaturga, dedicated to the three patron saints of Ireland.