Monday 6 June 2011

Tres abhinc annos

On this day, the feast of St. Coca of Kilcock, three years ago (tres abhinc annos), this blog was started. The first anniversary post and second anniversary post gave earlier statistics.

Of the 500 most recent visitors we have been privileged to welcome, 28.2% came from Ireland (up from second place), 24.2% came from the United States (down from first place), 19.6% from the United Kingdom (including the North of Ireland, according to our statistics provider), 6.4% came from Italy (including a number of visitors from Pontifical Colleges but none from the Holy See this month... come back, Your Holiness!), 2.4% from Canada and 2.2% from Australia.

If you break that down by region, Dublin topped the chart again this year with 11%, Kilkenny was next with 10.4%. Next came Tennessee, Pennsylvania, London and Belfast on about 3% each.

The favourite exit links were the LMS Chairman's Blog and New Liturgical Movement (Joseph and Shawn take note!).

Verbum Patris, New Liturgical Movement and Forest Murmers were the top referrers.

The most popular search words among those 500 most recent searchers were: "fra fredrik crichton stuart" "mt melleray shrine" and "Butler family history". Google (, .ie, .com) was once again the favourite search engine but down to 96.1%, followed by Yahoo.

Our two associated blogs had reached 44,935 ( and 253,100 ( unique hits by this morning. Our own total was a tolerable 85,197 unique visits.

In the past year we have been especially blessed by the contributions of Recorder (16 posts), Just a Girl (13 posts), Brigit (11 posts), Des 'Doc' Hannon and Maeve 'Shandon Belle' (10 posts each), Ritualist (8 posts), Anka (4 posts) Semper Eadem (3 posts) and Standing Stone (2 posts). We are just short of out 400th post - not bad for 3 years!

St. Brigid, St. Conleth and St. Coca pray for the contributers, for the visitors and for the friends who showed them the way! May everything they publish and every internet visit they make redound to the Greater Glory of God, the honour of His Blessed Mother and the good of souls!