Saturday 6 June 2009

One Year On...

Today, as well as being the feast of St. Coca of Kilcock, is also the first anniversary of this blog. In the past year, 4 contributers have published 100 posts. 12,092 visits have been made to the blog by 7,099 unique visitors.

Of the last 500 visitors, 35.9% were from Ireland, 22.4% were from the United States, 16.2% were from Britain, 5.2% were from Canada, 2.9% were from Sweden, 2.8% were from France, 2.4% were from Italy, 2.1% were from Australia, and a delightful 2% from the Holy See!

Among our most faithful returning visitors have been from Portlaoise (Ireland), Preston (England), Pisa (Italy), Paris (France) with no less than three such, Justice-equality-lawreform-ireland (Ireland), Toulouse (France), Dept Of Environment Dr Allocation (Ireland), Dublin (Ireland), and Mountmellick (Ireland), each with more than 20 recent visits.

Google was the search engine for 90.1% of recent visitors by search engine, with AOL, Bing and Yahoo about equal. Vodafone-ireland-mobile-isp was the mobile server of our most frequent mobile visitors, followed closely by Eircom Ltd. (Ireland), both with over 40 recent visits each. The Hermenutic of Continuity, Forest Murmers and Brendan Allen were the source of a great number of the most recent guests.

Indicentally, our two associated blogs had reached 21,357 ( and 81,514 ( by this morning.

St. Brigid, St. Conleth and St. Coca pray for the contributers, for the visitors and for the friends who showed them the way! May everything they publish and every internet visit they make redound to the Greater Glory of God, the honour of His Blessed Mother and the good of souls!