Saturday 14 November 2009

Roman Pilgrimage Day 5

Starting the the day late today, with Mass at ten o'clock in St. Peter's. Planned to be at St. Joseph's, but moved at the last minute (or, to be honest, a bit later than that) to Pius X. Mass was celebrated with Una Voce - people from all over the world and after Mass started the Una Voce meeting that some of us were going to attend.

The rest of us spent some time getting souvenirs and posting cartolines before, when we were finally on our way back to the convent, we ran into a flock of migrating bishops and cardinals who were all very friendly and generous; blessed us all from top to toe, including rosary beads and crucifixes.


Auld Dubliner said...

Simply magnificent. Is this the same Priest who is part of the Alma Mater project?

Semper Eadem said...

Looks great Anka. Sorry I couldnt make it. Maybe next year.

Fitzy said...

What a way to end a pilgrimage! Good stuff! Mark F