Friday 13 November 2009

Roman Pilgrimage Day 3

This morning we had Mass in S. Dominico e Sisto celebrated by Canonico Luzuy of the ICRSP. We sang Mass IX and latin hymns; Veni Creator Spiritus, Jesu Dulcis Memoria, and Salve Regina.

After Mass we went to the general audience with il Papa - they had unfortunately not managed to get us anounced, but it was nice all the same. He talked about the importance of silence and the value of monks.

After lunch at Roberto's in the Borgo Pio we went for Gelati at the Old Bridge and then took the metro to Piazza della Republica and went from there to the Basilica of Mary and the Angels and Martyrs. We proceeded with a quick stop for coffee before exploring the Maria della Vittoria, where Donna O'Connor took the role of guide and gave an excellent presentation that attracted the attention of visitors outside our own little group.

After that we went to S. Susanna where we picked up the tickets for the general audience with the Pope the day before.

My own presentation of the Fontana dell'Acqua Felice was slightly ruined by the fact that it was covered with tarpaulins, being restored. The afternoon continued from there in the footsteps of Sixtus the Vth - whose sister donated a chapel to the church across the road - down the Quirinale with a quick visit to San Carlino and San Andrea dell' Quirinale, where we had Mass once during last year's pilgrimage above the body of S. Stanislaus.

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