Thursday 28 June 2018

Killeigh (Walsh)

The following is from Fr. Thomas Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy, published in New York in 1854, chapter l, at p. 512:

Killeigh in the barony of Geashill. St. Sinchell founded this monastery for canons of St. Augustine. See Clane Co Kildare.

AD 849 died Reaghtawry abbot of Killeigh

June 28th eighteenth of Elizabeth this monastery with three messuages one hundred and twenty four acres of arable land twenty four of pasture three of meadow and four of underwood and three messuages six cottages twenty acres of arable land and seven of pasture in the town of Donfeigh in the county with the tithes were granted for ever in capite to John Lee at the yearly rent of 45s 6d.

May 16th 1578 this abbey with all its temporal possessions was granted to Gerald, Earl of Kildare, and his heirs at the yearly rent of 33s 4d with an obligation of maintaining one able horseman.

A nunnery for canonesses of St. Augustine existed here. Its erection is attributed to the Warrens but before the English settled in Ireland. This establishment was in existence. They may have repaired it Gray Friary. This house was erected in the reign of King Edward I by an O Connor as some suppose.

AD 1303 Donald O Bruin guardian of this monastery was made bishop of Clonmacnoise.

At the general suppression this abbey was granted to John Alee. Killeigh was formerly a place of note and its religious houses were amply endowed particularly the monastery of the canons regular.