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A compendium

I'm putting together a Compendium of Liturgical texts and replies/decisions covering the period 1950-1970 (maybe something slightly more or less). I still have a few small things to iron out since I don't have access to a library or anything so the remaining information is a little hard for me to come by. If anyone would be willing to supply me with certain documents (I can tell you where to find them!) that I'm lacking, please leave a comment and I'll find a way of getting in touch with you. I have most of the documents - just a few I'm lacking or would like more complete versions.I'm still trying to figure out how exactly to arrange the documents, whether I should include fast/abstinence or not, keep it strictly focused on a particular aspect of the reform, or not, etc.This is a sample of what going to be there. Actually a bit more, since I have some more decisions and decrees but I was too tired to type them out (cut me some slack, I'm just getting over Easter!)


February 9 – SCR Decree ordering the revision of the rites of Holy Week


January 11 – Instaurata vigilia paschalis introduction of the revised rites of Holy Week.


March 23 – Cum nostra hac aetate Decree making rubrical and calendar reforms.

Novemebr 16 – Maxima Redemptionis – the revised rites of Holy Week promulgated.

December 25 – Encyclical Musicae Sacrae


Feb 1 – document permitting the first semi-solemn rite with only deacon and subdeacon for Holy Week. Also issues further clarifications and guidelines for the new Holy Week. Permits Ordinaries to allow blessing of palms in the evning but not in the same church where palms were blessed in the morning. Modifies the timings of the revised Holy Week again
March 19 – Sacram Communionem – loosening of restriction on the Communion fast
June 1 – Decree on the tabernacle and altar – incorporating the points made by Pius XII in the Assisi address, reiterating current legislation and emboying newer legislation.
July 25 – transference of fast and abstinence from Vigil of the Assumption to the Vigil of the Immaculate Conception
August 20 – Decree on ‘Gothic’ vestments – such vestments were henceforth to be left to the discretion of the bishops
October 24 – Rite for the blessing of a radio station
Dec 13 – SCR allows the bishops of each country to determine the percentage of wax constituting maxima parte in the two candles for Mass, the Paschal candle and the percentage of olive/vegetable oil for the tabernacle lamp
Dec 15 – Instruction on the celebration of Votive Masses of the BVM and the Dead by priests with defective eyesight


Feb 5 – Faculty to allow the repetition of the blessing and sprinkling of ashes before the evening Mass
Feb 14 – Holy Office reminder to Ordinaries not to allow new rites or ceremonies inot Divine Worship
Apr 10 – short form of Confirmation in danger of death
June 24 – monitum on the Eucharistic Consecration especially on the words “Mysterium Fidei” by the Holy Office
Sept 3 – De Musica Sacra – document on Sacred Music- also important legislation regarding the Mass with regard to the vernacular and dialogue Mass


March 3 – Prefaces of Advent and the Blessed Sacrament conceded to Belgium
March 14 – indult granted to the archdiocese of Florence and Diocese of St. Flour to omit the Leonine prayers after low Mass with a sermon
May 19 – St. Lawrence of Brindisi named a Doctor of the Church
June 8- Proper Oration and II Nocturn lessons for St. Lawrence approved
July 8 – SCR decrees that rites annexed to Corpus Christi procession are not liturgical and fall under the purview of the bishop - leads to a publication of different Ordos for Corpus Christi especially in Germany.
July 18 – Revised form of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus published. With revised indulgences
SCR replies to the Archbishop of Liverpool that the rosary must be recited apart form Mass (dubium: whether public recitation of the rosary during Mass is forbidden, even in the month of October)


Feb 24 – Prayer of Pope Clement XI Credo Domine added to the thanksgiving after Mass (indulgenced 5 years, on March 11, plen. once a month)
Feb 24 – Litany of the Precious Blood (indulgenced 7 years, on March 3, plen. Once a month)
March 9 – SCR allows omission of the Leonine Prayers after a Mass in which a himily is preached, and after a dialogue Mass on Sunday and feasts of the I and II Class.
March 21 – Declaration on the reasonable cause for distributing Holy Communion outside of Mass instead of within it
Oct 12 – Blessed be His Most Precious Blood added to the Divine Praises
Nov 14 – Decree permitting the Chrism Mass on a day other than Holy Thursday for bishops in mission territoires
Rite for blessing of the oil of the sick by a priest, by indult
Dec 3 – Decree on the day on which a Mass pro populo must be celebrated. Added are the Sacred Heart, St. Jospeh the Worker, St. Mark and St. Luke. Suppressed are St. Lawerence, St. Stephen, holy Innocents, St. Sylvester, Finding of the Holy Cross, Easter Monday and Tuesday, Pentecost Monday and Tuesday


Feb 14 – Instruction on the revision of Particular Calendars. Notable is the transference of patronage for suppressed feasts and the deletion of certain Masses from the ‘pro aliquibus locis’ section of the missal.
April 13 – Pontificale Romanum, pars II – changes to the blessings of churches, bells, altars, etc. Elimination of blessings and rites deemed obsolete such as for armour. Insertion of new blessings Emendation of canon law regarding fasting and indulgences
May 3 – Decree for revised chant of the Missal, Kriale, Graduale and Antiphonale in accordance with the revised rubrics
May 27 – SCR modifies the rubrics to disallow commemoration of IV Class feriae
April 15 – Instruction for sick priests or priests with poor eyesight concerning the celebration of Votive Masses
Oct 21 – response to a dubium allows Communion for the sick in the afternoon under certain conditions
Dec 13 – SCR allows transference of the Sacred Heart to June 22 on account of it coinciding with Ss. Peter and Paul


Jan 2 – declaration on external solemnities – of note, a relaxing of the rubrics to allow external solemnity of other feasts besides I and II Class
April 16 – revised rite for baptism of adults, allowing the rites in seven steps and omitting certain ceremonies
June 23 – Publication of the revised Missale Romanum
Oct 4 – faculties for Confirmation – the Fathers attending the Council are authorized to depute a priest (preferably of some ecclesiastical dignity) for this task
Nov 13 – St. Joseph added to the Communicantes of the Canon of the Mass
Nov 30 – Pastorale munus – faculties granted on Masses, Communion, Penance, Orders etc.


Jan 10 – Decree changing the calculation of the Communion fast for priests from before Mass to before Communion
Jan 25 – Sacram Liturgiam – providing dispensation for the hour of Prime, reduction of Terce, Sext and None to one hour if there is no obligation as well as decrees on marriage and confirmation.
April 25 – Decree changing the formula of Holy Communion to “Corpus Christi. Amen”
April 25 – addition of the Holy Spirit to the Divine Praises
Sept 26 – Inter Oecumenici – reforms to the rite of the Mass, the sacraments, the Divine Office. Also norms for churches and for liturgical formation
Dec 14 – Kyriale Simplex


Jan 13 – The Common Prayer or Prayer of the Faithful: its nature and structure. Containing chants, and history of the prayer of the faithful
Jan 27 – New Ordo Missae, Ritus Servandus in Celebratione Missae and De Defectibus
Feb 15 – minor changes in the rubrics of the Proper to bring it into line with previous changes
Feb 28 – The SCR permits the replacing of Daniel 13 with Eph 6:10-17 for Saturday in Lent III
March 4 – Faculty to carry Holy Oil for the sick in certain circumstances
March 7 – Rites to be observed in the Concelebration of Mass, Rite of Communion under both species, with accompanying decree
March 7 – Variations in the Order of Holy Week – revised texts for certain Propers in the Mass of Chrism, simplified rite of blessing holy oils, changes to the orations of Holy Week for the “Jews”, “schsimatics and heretics” and “pagans” which are also retitiled.
March 25 – permits the singing of the Passion by those below the rank of deacon, including laymen. The vesture is the alb.


Jan 27 – Decree on the publishers of liturgical books especially the vernacular edition typical
Feb 3 – Rescript approving prefaces of Advent, Blessed Sacrament, All Saints and Dedication of a Church for the USA
Feb 14 – Simplification of the rite of the Roman Rituale for administering Holy Communion in hospitals
May 13 – Decree on the transference of the feast of St. Joseph to March 18 due to Palm Sunday

First published in February, 2008

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Ollie said...

I'm no expert on liturgy so I wouldn't have know about half of these but it puts the recent changes to the translation into context. What really hits me is that we're thinking of the older liturgy as a museum piece caught in aspik that never changed. The truth is very different.