Tuesday, 23 March 2010

List of Speakers for Fota III

We have been asked by St. Colman's Society for Catholic Liturgy to post the following. We do so with great pleasure:

St. Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy is pleased to announce the provisional list of speakers for its third International Liturgy Conference which will be held from 10-12 July 2010. The subject of the Conference is Benedict XVI and Sacred Music.

Further information and registration enquiries should be sent to colman.liturgy@yahoo.co.uk

The Conference will be chaired by Professor D. Vincent Twomey, S.V.D., member of the Ratzinger Schulerkreis, Sursum corda: An Introduction to Ratzinger's Theology of Sacred Music

1. Dr. Andreas Andreopoulos, Unversity of Lampeter, Wales, Music in the Orthodox Liturgy

2. Fr. Sven Leo Conrad of the Fraternity of St. Peter, Germany, Joseph Ratzinger and Johannes Overath: the intellectual connection

3. Don Alberto Domini, professor of Sacred Music at the seminary of Brescia, Italy, Gregorian Chant in the Liturgy according to the mind of Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI

4. Thomas Lacôte of the Conservatoire de Paris, France, Liturgical texts, rites and symbols and contemporary musical creation: an example for the Feast of the Dedication of a Church

5. Fr. Uwe Michael Lang, Cong. Orat., consultor to the office of Pontifical Ceremonies, Rome
Defining Criteria for Sacred Music: from Benedict XIV to Benedict XVI

6. Frank Lawrence of the Department of Music, University College Dublin, Ireland
The Spirit of the Liturgy: Gregorian Chant as mystagogy and exegesis.

7. Kerry McCarthy of Duke University, USA, Listening to William Byrd

8. James McMillan, composer, Scotland, Spirit of the Liturgy: rejoice in tradition and embrace the future.

9. Ite O’Donovan, directress of the Lassus Scholars, Dublin, Ireland, Choral music in the celebration of the Liturgy, a musical heritage of inestimable value, a tradition to be fostered and protected...

10. Fr. Stéphane Quessard of the diocese of Bourges, France, Towards a Renewal of Sacred Music

11. Rev. Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B., founder of theInstitute of Sacred Music, Archdiocese of Saint Louis, U. S.A., Pope Benedict XVI on the Psalms in the Liturgy


Quis ut Deus said...

Fr. Samuel has done amazing job for AB Burke in St. Louis. Another post that makes me want to hop on a flight to the old sod.

Anonymous said...

Excellent as ever. I look forward to attending.