Saturday 25 April 2009

Latest issue of 'Christus Regnat'

The mid-year issue of Christus Regnat will be published soon. Articles will include:
  • Commentary on the Manila Guidelines
  • Most Reverend Bishop Matthew Cullen, D.D.
  • The Crusaders of Kildare
  • A Visit to a Seminary
  • The Greatest Sacrifice of the Mother of God
  • Actuosa Participatio
  • Report on the Holy Year of St. Paul

If you would like to subscribe to this and to future issues of Christus Regnat, e-mail to: for further details.

Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat!


Anonymous said...

I got a copy of the last one from a friend. It was wonderful to read about Bishop Keogh. I had only heard of his name but didn't really know anything about him or his life. I will be there for the Requiem Mass for his life. I also really enjoyed the article on the Christus Regnat hymn. Can you send me a copy of the next one please. My addresss is *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Anonymous said...

Who are the authors?

Convenor said...

Given the nature of the internet (and other so-called traditionalists), our communications committee took an editorial decision not to publish names on the blog. You can e-mail us or subscribe.

God bless you!