Friday 5 December 2008

God bless the Grand Duke of Luxembourg!

Der Spiegel reports that H.R.H. the Grand Duke of Luxembourg has declared that he will refuse to sign into law an Act legalising euthanasia. The official site of the Grand Duchy declares: "If the Grand Ducal Family have retained their legitimate role in Luxemburgois society it is in large part because they have won their confidence in the moments of greatest difficulty". Grand Duke Henri's mother is the sister of his late Majesty, Baudouin I, King of the Belgians.

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg is reported to be considering stripping the Grand Duke of his legislative powers.

May God bless and preserve the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and confirm him in devotion to the Law of God! May God save the people of Luxembourg!

De Wilhelmus - The Grand Ducal Anthem


Anonymous said...

May God bless and keep the Grand Duke and preserve him from all his enemies.
The right to life is under ferocious attack at the moment in Europe and the USA. We need more leaders like the Grand Duke.

Anonymous said...

This is another disgraceful abuse of the law to destroy the liberty and dignity of human life. If this good man has used his position to defend the most vulnerable of his people he deserves the thanks of all humanity.

Angela Wulff
Omaha NB