Saturday 21 June 2008

Feast of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Cardinal Castrillón-Hoyos celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass in Westminster Cathedral

During his visit to England, His Eminence, who is the President of the Vatican Commission entrusted with provisions for the Traditional Latin Liturgy, made a number of important pronouncements on the future of the Traditional Latin Liturgy, or the “Gregorian Rite” as he refers to it.

In his address to the Annual General Meeting of the Latin Mass Society, His Eminence said:

“…The Holy Father is aware that in different places around the world many requests from priests and lay faithful who desired to celebrate according to the ancient rites were often not acted upon. That is why he has now authoritatively established that to celebrate according to the more ancient form of the liturgy – the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as well the sacraments and other liturgical rites – is a juridical right, and not just a privilege accorded to all.

Certainly this must be done in harmony with both ecclesiastical law and ecclesiastical superiors, but superiors also must recognise that these rights are now firmly established in the law of the Church by the Vicar of Christ himself. It is a treasure that belongs to the whole Catholic Church and which should be widely available to all of Christ’s faithful…”

The Daily Telegraph reports His Eminence replied to a question about the Traditional Latin Mass in ordinary Parishes saying: “Not many parishes – all parishes. The Holy Father is offering this not only for the few groups who demand it, but so that everybody knows this way of celebrating the Eucharist,” adding that “People don’t know about it, and therefore they don’t ask for it,” but saying that a stable group could consist of as few as three people, and they need not come from the same parish. Let us pray that His Eminence’s next tour date is Carlow Cathedral.

Pictures of His Eminence’s visit can be found here. His Eminence’s homily at that Mass can be found here [PDF].

God bless His Eminence, Cardinal Castrillón-Hoyos! God preserve our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI!


Anonymous said...

"next tour date... Carlow Cathedral" After the circus at Easter a few years back you obviously don't think too highly of the poor Cardinal...

"If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they believe, even if one rise again from the dead." Lk xvi 31

Quis ut Deus said...

HE the Cardinal's latest letter to the FSSPX has just become public.

There's no reason why the FSSPX couldn't be brought in to minister to the needs of the people of Kildare when their own Pastors are so negligent.

One word of caution. Often, when the Society answers the needs of the faithful, the local conciliar clergy will finally be brought to respond - good news - but as soon as this has weakened the mission of the Society enough the conciliar clerics cancel the miserable response that they made.

If they cared they would have provided out of love and not jealousy. If they could be trusted they would have been faithful shepherds from the beginning.

The FSSPX Priests are holy men of God who come to feed people starved of the True Faith and Catholic Sacraments.

Semper Eadem said...

Are the SSPX the fire brigade or kindling for the burning wreck that Kildare and Leighlin is rapidly becoming? I wonder.

Anonymous said...

15 years of contempt and indifference is a lot to endure but Our Lord endured it for 33 years.

"The scribes and the Pharisees have sitten on the chair of Moses. All things therefore whatsoever they shall say to you, observe and do: but according to their works do ye not; for they say, and do not. For they bind heavy and insupportable burdens, and lay them on men's shoulders; but with a finger of their own they will not move them." Matt xxiii 2-4

Quis ut Deus said...

When souls are dying it's time to call in the Fire Department. Just take a look at the another vidio from Cardinal Arinze...

We need a Cardinal to tell us we can kneel before the Blessed Sacrament???

"...In some churches, some people have removed the kneelers..."

In MOST churches, in fact!

"...those who have removed the kneelers have done damage to the Catholic community..."

But they're still in charge, right? So who's doing damage to the Catholic community by leaving the iconoclasts in charge???

" is like some churches where they have removed the Altar Rails. The Church from Rome never said to remove the Altar Rails..."

But did they every try to stop anyone from removing them??? If you can find any document from Rome saying 'stop removing the Altar Rails' I will give you a turkey!!!

"...We have reached the stage where some now are against kneeling. If you kneel, they are harsh on you. They treat you as if you did something wrong…"

Do you see the pattern? Do you have to wait until you're burned to a crisp before calling in the Fire Department?

Convenor said...

St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association has never had the slightest association with the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth. We leave the question of the status of the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth to the Holy See. We pray for the unity of all mankind within the fold of the Church. "...the empire of our Redeemer embraces all men..." Pope Pius XI 'Quas Primas' No. 18.

On the question of whether extraordinary means may be used to supply the needs of souls when respectful requests have yielded no results over 15 years (not quite half Our Lord's earthly life), that is a matter for individual souls to judge according to their own consciences, right and informed.

Saint Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association has dedicated itself to obtaining from our legitimate Pastors our legitimate needs. If our Pastors fail to supply our legitimate needs for decades, the need for us to work so that they supply it is all the more urgent, for their own sake as well as ours. If we are fools for exercising patience and trusting our Pastors, it is to be hoped that we are holier fools, at least.

God bless you!

Shandon Belle said...

We have the SSPX here in Cork. They have their own Chapel and Mass every Sunday. It's hard to say that the SSPX aren't doing something good when the Bishop can't provide a Tridentine Mass on Sundays for his own people.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Kildare and Leighlin the Diocese where the Bishop wants a join Catholic-Muslim-Jewish school?

Maybe the trads should just convert. I'm sure the Diocese would build them a temple in half the time...

It's just their own people that modernist dioceses don't care about!

Donnelly's Hollow said...

I don't think you're being fair on the Priests in Kildare. The Priests in Dublin are excellent. So are the Priests of the Latin Mass and the Congregation of Saint Peter but they have a different training from the Kildare Priests. I'm sure that they're very good men and that they'd be really good Priests if they were given good training. And the Bishop of Kildare has a lot to deal with like the Pope and he doesn't always get to do the things he wants to do.