Saturday 2 June 2012

Vth Fota Conference

St. Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy 

Fifth Fota International Liturgy Conference 
Clarion Hotel, Lapp’s Quay, Cork City, Ireland 
7-9 July 2012 
Saturday, 7 July
9.30 am Opening of the Conference
9.45 am: Address by the Chairman, Prof. D. Vincent Twomey, SVD, Rubrics and Ritual - the letter v. the spirit?
10.15 am: Fr. Daniel Jones, The verum sacrificium of Christ and of Christians according to St. Augustine.
11.00am: Break
11.15am: Dr. Mariusz Bilinewicz, Reasonable Worship: Joseph Ratzinger's Theology of Sacrifice
12.00 pm: Fr. Gerard Deighan, Continuity in Sacrifice: from Old Testament to New.
1.00 pm: Luncheon
2.30 pm: Dr. Oliver Treanor, Eucharist and Church: One Communion in the Triune Body of Christ
3.15 pm: Fr. Robert Abeynaike, O. Cist., The Sacrificial Character of the Last Supper and Consequently of the Eucharist According to Scripture.
4.00 pm: Break
4.15 pm: Fr. Thomas McGovern, The Eucharistic Magisterium of Pope John Paul II: An Overview
5.00 pm: Discussion Panel
7.00 pm: Pontifical Vespers at Sts Peter and Paul’s
8.30 pm: Conference Dinner.

Sunday, 8 July
11.00 am Pontifical High Mass at Sts Peter and Paul’s
3.00 pm: Fr. Neil Xavier O’Donoghue: Sacrifice and Communion in the Eucharistic Liturgy of Pre-Norman Ireland
4.00 pm: Break
4.15 pm: Fr. Patrick Gorevan, O sacrum convivium: St Thomas on the Eucharist.
5.00 pm: Discussion Panel
7.00 pm: Pontifical Vespers at Sts Peter and Paul’s

Monday, 9 July
9.00 am: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
9.45 am: Prof. Dr. Klaus Berger, Divine Worship in the Revelation of St. John. Critical questions for the Western understanding of Liturgy.
10.30 am: Break
10.45am: Mons. Joseph Murphy, The Mystery of Faith: Divo Barsotti on the Eucharist.
12.00 noon: High Mass at Sts Peter and Paul’s
1.15 pm: Luncheon
2.30 pm: Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauke, What is the Holy Mass? The Systematical Discussion on the 'Essence' of Eucharistic Sacrifice.
3.15 pm: Prof. Dr. Michael Stickelbroeck, The Mystery of Eucharist in the Systematic Theology of M.J. Scheeben.
4.00 pm: Break
5.00 pm: Discussion Panel and Concluding Remarks
5.30: St. Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy: Notices 2012-2013

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I hear a lot of good about this conference. I'd like to attend one day