Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Standing Stone: Killinane Church, Closutton, Co. Carlow.

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Location – On the N9 between Leighlinbridge and Bagenalstown.
OS:  S 687 633 (map 61)
Longitude: 6° 58' 59.72" W
Latitude: 52° 42' 59.45" N

Description and History – There is very little to say about this ruin because all that remains are some much altered walls that stand to about a quarter of their original height. The work that has been done has made this place devoid of any character. The main concern in this work seems to have been tidiness as opposed to any historical or architectural concern. The remains consist of a nave and chancel measuring 14m x 6.5m. The W wall is now completely missing. The wall between the nave and chancel still remains and the original entrance is missing. No remains of any doorways survive. The E wall is now home to a large shrine.

Difficulty – Easy to find with limited parking. This is a very busy road so be careful.

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Random Thinker said...

Ive been on a couple of these projects over the years with some local committees. I take your point about the neatness of the site. This one looks a bit too sterile. But I think you have to recognize that the state of these places is often impossible to get into and dangerous to any children or animals who brave it. At least a Mass can be held here or something like that.

The Standing Stone said...

I agree that places should be made safe but this has to be done with an eye to historical accuracy and preservation over just making something neat and putting things where they shouldn't be.

Ollie said...

I can see both points here but the fact is that there is a historical accuracy in making use of these sites again. Look at any working building that has a historical element and you'll see that the idea of saving the older parts of the building is a new one that wouldn't have been tolerated when there was a better fashion or a better use to be included. Putting things where they shouldn't be like making carvings a display instead of an intrinsic part of the building is something that annoys me too but making the place neat so it can be used and visited safely has to be better than the neglect that is often the only alternative.