Friday, 8 March 2019

Old Leighlin (Walsh)

The following is from Fr. Thomas Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy, published in New York in 1854, chapter xxxvii, at p. 368:

Old Leighlin Saint Gobhan founded this abbey for canons of St Augustine in the year 616 In the year 632 St Gobhan surrendered his abbey to St Laserian the son of Cairel and Blitha Laserian is said to have had fifteen hundred monks under his jurisdiction Laserian was made bishop of Leighlin He died in the year 638 and on the 18th of April AD 639 Delasse MacWinge the abbot died AD 725 Saint Manchen bishop of Leighlin died AD 767 Ernagh MacEhyn the abbot died AD 863 Manchen the abbot died AD 876 Dungall the abbot died In the year 916 Leighlin was plundered Saint Stephen's priory founded by Burchard a Norwegian captain about the year 1060 The founder was buried in the choir of the cathedral Felix was prior Philip was prior after him in the year 1304 In the following year one John was prior This priory was dissolved in the year 1432 by authority of Pope Eugene rV and the lands belonging to it were annexed to the deanery of Leighlin

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