Saturday, 19 September 2015

White Abbey, Kildare (Walsh)

The following is from Fr. Thomas Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy, published in New York in 1854, chapter xlviii, at p. 487-8:

Carmelites A house for this order was founded in the year 1290 by William de Vesci Several chapters of this order were held in Atherdee and in Dublin by David O Bugey a native of Kildare and a man of sound erudition was esteemed as such at Oxford and at Treves in Germany He was well versed in divinity philosophy rhetoric the civil and canon law and was generally called the burning light the mirror and the ornament of his country His knowledge of those subjects was so accurate and extensive that not only the justiciaries but even the parliaments were accustomed to consult him on cases of unusual importance and difficulty O Bugey flourished about the year 1320 when he was provincial of his order and died full of years and full of honor in this friary where he was interred.

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