Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mass in Bagenalstown - December, 2012

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Sensus Catholicus said...

Regardless of the rite of Mass you may personally prefer, in Christian charity, basic fairness, fraternal respect and fidelity to Pope Benedict XVI, please support everyone's right to the Traditional Latin Mass, the Mass loved and revered by so many great popes, kings, queens, doctors, statesmen, saints and martyrs of the Universal Church. The bimillenary rite His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI praises in his Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, as a "treasure" of the Church, that “must be given due honor for its venerable and ancient usage.”

It’s not a matter of taste or of nostalgia. It’s an issue of fairness; of pastoral solicitude; of spiritual reconciliation, of unity with and respect for our Catholic heritage. It is also, and eminently so, a question of conscience. Every member of the Church throughout the world has the right to worship God in the Traditional Latin Mass. Regardless of your personal preference, please support this basic right!

– Una Voce Miami (, January 6th 2010, Feast of the Epiphany Statement.