Monday, 15 August 2011

The Assumption in Kildare

The Assumption of the Virgin by Rubens c. 1626

The feast of the Assumption was observed in Ireland by great acts of charity, even in the times of persecution. Dr. Comerford, in his Collections Relating to the Dioceses of Kildare and Leighlin at Volume 2, page 42, tells us:

"Recording the death of Margaret O'Carroll, wife of O'Conor Faly, in 1451, the Four Masters say of her that "she was the best woman of her time in Ireland, for it was she who had given two invitations of hospitality in the one year to those who sought for rewards," (i.e., poets, minstrels, members of the mendicant orders, etc.) These feasts, as we learn from Duald Mac Firbis, took place, one at Killeigh, on the Feast of Da Sinchell, the 26th of March, - at which 2,700 persons were entertained, - and the other at Rathangan; "and she gave the second invitation to everyone that came not to the first, on the feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Lady in harvest, at or in the Rath-Imayn, and so we have been informed that that second day in Rath-Imayn was nothing inferior to the first day."

A Mhaighdine Muire, tógailte suas ar Neamh, guidh orainn!


Shandon Belle said...

Fascinating. As you said the Assumption is the feast at harvest time, the time of plenty. This lady seems to have marked the Annunciation too. A great way to honour the feast.

Jim'll Fix It! said...

I always wondered why Rathangan was in a barony called west ophaley. Now I think I can see that it was in the territory of the old Chiefs O'Connor Faly. God bless all the good work on this blog.

Bagenal Harvey said...

You might have mentioned that the Cathedral of the Diocese is dedicated to the Assumption of the BVM.