Tuesday, 24 May 2011

St. Pius X - Part VII

On this day one hundred years ago, Pope St. Pius X issued his Encyclical Iamdudum in Lusitania on the Law of Separation in Portugal.

Sancte Pie Decime, Gloriose Patrone, ora pro nobis!


Quis ut Deus said...

We need Popes like St. Pius X today. It's a laugh to think of JXXIII and JPII being slipped into the same category.

"We proclaim and denounce as null and void, and to be so regarded, all that the law has enacted against the inviolable rights of the Church."

nuff said.

Virgo Potens said...

I certainly don't agree with the idea that recent Popes have been in any way less strong in condemning what needs to be condemned. The language that is used today must be the language that reaches those in the world who need to hear Christ's message today.

Shandon Belle said...

It puts the situation at the time of Fatima in some context. Come on Virgo, you can't be serious about that. Even BXVI (good guy 4 sure) is pulling punches in the media.

Ransome said...

Agreed. Its been a very long time since the healthy majesty of the Popes has been kept. Its just such a shame that the Pontifical Court wasnt restored by Pope Benedict. Unfortunately the Court was abolished by a bourgeois and has been kept in abeyance by two or three non-noble Popes. It looks as if the means to bring it back are rapidly slipping away. Are there even any Cardinals or Curia officials who could perform the ceremonies? St. Pius X pray for your successors.