Monday, 8 March 2010


It has been drawn to our attention that Marie Stopes has an online poll asking if abortion should be made legal in Ireland. Your attention, prayer and action would be welcome.

St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland, pray for thy children!

…Latest… Poll removed due to massive Pro-Life vote …Latest…

A big “Thank you” to everyone who responded to our Action Alert on Monday, calling for a NO vote in an online poll on the Irish website of Marie Stopes International - one of the largest abortion providers in the world. Their poll was asking “Should abortion be legal in Ireland?” Before we sent out our alert, the poll was at: 64% Yes, 36% No

The day after we sent out our Action Alert the NO vote had shot up to 82%. Over the following days the vote in the poll steadily increased, and by Thursday it was a massive

94% NO

The latest news today (Friday) is that Marie Stopes have removed the poll from their website. They didn’t issue any press releases announcing that 94% of Irish people say abortion should not be legal in Ireland.

Hail, glorious Saint Patrick, thy words were once strong
Against Satan's wiles and the infidel throng;
Not less is thy might where in heaven thou art;
O, come to our aid, in our battle take part.

In the war against sin, in the fight for the faith,
Dear saint, may thy children resist unto death;
May their strength be in meekness, in penance, in prayer,
Their banner the cross which they glory to bear.