Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sixth Monthly Mass in the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin

Fr. Simon Leworthy, FSSP, returned to Ireland to celebrate the Sixth of their Monthly Masses in the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin. A congregation that came close to two dozen was also in attendance (even without taking into account the members of the Parish Staff in the Sacristy), an increase of 150% on last month.

Although last month's congregation was the smallest so far and this month's congregation failed to exceed the previous all-time low of December, the average monthly attendance is a creditable 29. While the local attendance remains steady, people travelled in, this month, from as far away as Kilkenny, as well as the usual contingent from Dublin, to increase numbers.

Both in the notices and in his sermon, Fr. Leworthy asked for prayers for a Fr. Brady who is ill.

Fr. Leworthy also announced that there would be no Latin Mass on the second Sunday in April due to his being committed elsewhere on that Sunday, which is Easter Sunday, and he was unable to announce any resheduled dates.

It is worth remarking that both Chalice Veil and Maniple were in evidence at Mass today. The congregation was invited to tea and biscuits after Mass immediately through the glass door just to the left of the Tabernacle.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't St. Conleth's get up off it's collective backside and do something about this???

Convenor said...

St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association wishes to make it clear that it has always deferred to the Local Ordinary and to the Parish Priest of the Place as the proper providers of the Sacred Liturgy.

It should also be pointed out that our collective lack of involvement in the organisation/rescue of the monthly Masses in Cill Mhuire is not due to lack of willingness on our part.

We were in regular and frequent contact with the current organisers for many months before the Diocese and the Parish made this generous provision at our behest.

Both before and after the provision of monthly Masses was proposed by the Diocese and the Parish, we offered ourselves and our services to the current organisers, both privately and through the Parish. Those offers have been wholeheartedly and sincerely repeated on many occasions.

We have been the means of one of the most generous provisions being made for the Traditional Latin Mass in this Country or any other. We have never been selfish with our efforts or with the fruits of those efforts. If we have had the grace to act and the grace to succeed, they have all been from God and all for God.

If we have to suffer, it is only a greater means of grace. If we have to suffer by watching the fruits of 15 years of successful effort squandered, while we are held back from helping, we will try to offer it up and pray for even greater graces in the future, even if they come in the form of suffering.

St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association wishes to make it clear that we do not now, nor have we had at any time, nor do we envisage having, a collective backside. Why provide another place to kick us?