Saturday 16 August 2008

Feast of Saint Joachim

A certain Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass and ordained Priests for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter some years ago. Where does a Cardinal go from there?


Quis ut Deus said...

Sure he would be there supporting these guys who deserted Archbishop Lefebvre when he was making the hardest choices to save tradition. I sure would like to have been a fly on the wall as they read the letter accompanying Summorum Pontificum that basicly vindicated the Archbishop - never abrogated!

Donnelly's Hollow said...

I don't think this is very fair. It's always a good and holy thing to ordain Priests to celebrate Holy Mass.

I've met a couple of Priests of this Order and they were very holy devout Priests who said Mass with great reverence. Cardinal Ratzinger has done lots of good even before he became Pope.

God bless Pope Benedict XVI! Long may he reign!

Jim'll Fix It! said...

You cant criticise Cardinal Ratzinger (who is now Pope Benedict XVI) for things done under his predecessor.

Im positive that Cardinal Ratzinger would have done more to put the Archbishop's fears to rest if he was given half a chance.

Its a terrible stain on the memory of John Paul II that the only schism of recent times happened on his watch.

Archbishop Lefebre will be canonised one day for having saved the Church from throwing over her tradition entirely. Hes a feather in the wing of the Holy Ghost in my opinion.

Semper Eadem said...

Can't you stpe off your soap-box for one minute and rejoice at the blessing of having a Pope who has prominently ordained Priests for what Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos has called 'the Gregorian Rite' IN 'the Gregorian Rite'?

If prudence forces the Pope to wait before he celebrates in 'the Gregorian Rite' as Pope, we should show our support and pray that the forces ranged against him will weaken and the forces on his side (which should include us) will gather strength.

Shandon Belle said...
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Shandon Belle said...

I think this video was amazing. When is the Pope going to celebrate the Tridentine Mass again? It would be a massive sign to the whole Church that nobody could deny.

Quis ut Deus said...

Time will tell and history will judge whe wisdom of Archbishop Lefebvre. Already we have been told that the Mass of the Ages was NEVER ABROGATED! Which was the lone voice crying in the wilderness for the Mass of the Ages since 1970? Who would have admitted the outrageous truth that the Rite that was suppressed with force and fury by Bishops and Priests across the globe was NEVER ABROGATED?

Kudos to Benedict XVI for all he has done but it will be just window dressing unless he can reform a Church that is being ripped apart by the heresy and disobedience of modernists. Where will the Mass of the Ages be in a Church where virtually nobody can remember the Faith or a time when the Faith was a living breathing reality in every Parish and every Catholic Grade School?

This is the critical moment. I do thank God that he gave us a Pope who has an understanding of the problems. That dont mean that the solutions are being applied.

Convenor said...

St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association maintains a complete loyalty and fidelity to our Holy Father the Pope and the Bishops in communion with him.